Bulk liquids, juices, wastewater and detergents


We Take Bulk liquids, juices, wastewater and detergents!

GMIH provides pumping, transportation and recycling of various bulk liquids, juices, wastewater and detergents. Over the years we have established processes to recycle this material domestically and internationally.

bulk liquids, juices, wastewater and detergents

Bulk liquids, juices, wastewater and detergents

Various Bulk:

  • Bulk/Volume Liquid Waste Pumping
  • Liquid Food Processing Waste Pumping
  • Residual Wash Water Service for industrial facilities and Automobile Dealerships/Car Wash Facilities
  • Non-Hazardous Waste Water Service for Shopping Centers/Malls
  • Waste Water Removal for Schools, Day Care Centers, Nursing/Hospital Facilities
  • Frac Tank Storage Units & Portable Storage Container Rentals/Service



Don’t see it listed?

There’s a lot GMIH takes. If what you have is not listed in the above please write to us at the email address below with a full description, a picture, and volume and we will contact you.